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Spark Industries, offers the high quality solutions in Solar/Pump/Wiring/Earthing and Lighting

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Vita City (Mr. Virendra Thoke-8928135013)
Palus (Mr. Sagar Taravi-9405279838)
Kharsundi(Mr. Rushikesh Sangar-9890314168)
Bhalavani (Mr. Shahrukh Mujawar-9970554741)
Punadi(Mr. Rais Tamboli-8554913357)
Energy Services

Under Energy Services, We offer Solar Systems (ON-GRID/OFF-GRID) , Solar Pumps(AC/DC, VFD, On-grid). '

Electrical Services

Under Electrical Services, We offer Earthing Rod/L.A. under IS-3043 and Residential/Commercial Wiring under IS-742 Standards. '

Lighting Services

Under Lighting Services, We offer all types of Led Bulbs, Tube Lights, Street Lamps, Solar Street Lamps and Panel Lighting. '

Our Working Process

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Dealership Network

    A huge network of Dealers in Sangli, Satara and Kolhapur District for satisfying the Solar, Earthing and Lighting needs of customers.

  • 2. Installation and Commissioning

    A highly qualified and technically skilled Team of Spark is engaged in providing a quality installation process.

  • 3. Service and Maintenance

    A highly technically skilled Team of Spark is engaged in providing lifetime service and maintenance of project.

  • 4. Customer Care

    A team of Customer Care is fully engaged in satisfying all issues and building up relationship with various schemes of company for a strong customer network.


    KW-Solar Projects Finished till 2019


    KW-Solar Projects in Line in 2020


    Earthing/Lighting Items Sold


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  • To be responsible leader in providing Engineering and Food Sector for Making India Green..
  • Mission

  • To be leading company of Engineering and Food sector primarily in western Maharashtra.
  • To improve continually in Engineering and Food Sector.
  • To work ethically and fairly at all times while providing various products and services.
  • To play social role in nearby surrounding satisfying the basic need of poor peoples.
  • Quality Policy

  • “We are committed to Make India Green and to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations by delivering effective services and maintenance through continual improvement of our systems”
  • Director's Profile

    Our process in Making India Green! by creating quality projects

    Director-Spark Industries

    Er. Rajendra Ramchandra Shinde (M.E. Electrical)
    Managing Director and Technical Head

    Director-Spark Industries

    Er. Virendra Dilip Thoke (M.E. Computer)
    Ex. Director and Marketing Head

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